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Effective Stuttering Therapy – in 12 days
National Nonprofit Stuttering Research & Therapy Center

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Dr. Ron Webster

National Stuttering Expert
HCRI President and Founder
Clinical Psychologist
Professor of Psychology
Featured Speaker

Dr. Ron Webster and his nonprofit Hollins Communications Research Institute (HCRI) have been the subject of hundreds of broadcast segments, interviews and print stories that have appeared in national, regional and local media.

Dr. Webster leads an award-winning stuttering research and treatment program at HCRI. His research revealed that stuttering is physically based, dispelling long-standing theories that the condition is caused by mental or emotional issues. He invented modern, behavioral stuttering therapy and continues to enhance his treatment, which delivers 3x the success rate of traditional stuttering therapies.

Learn how Dr. Webster is helping stutterers gain fluent speech in 12 Days - when other therapies are ineffective.

Interview Requests

Dr. Webster is available to offer his expertise on stuttering, share powerful before-and-after therapy videos, and demonstrate how new technology (like his "therapist in your pocket" app) is used in treatment. He is comfortable in all interview situations and speaks with clarity and passion.

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Interview Topics and Story Ideas

  • "How Stutterers Can Achieve Fluent Speech in 12 Days"
  • "3 Beliefs about Stuttering and the Damage They Cause"
  • "Why Stutterers Can Sing, but They Can't Speak Fluently"
  • "5 Parenting Dos and Don’ts if Your Child Stutters"
  • "Why Stuttering Therapy in Our Schools Doesn’t Help Kids"
  • "How HCRI Uses New Technology and an iPhone App to Treat Stuttering"
  • "What You Need to Know about Stuttering – Shattering the Myths"
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From Stuttering to Fluent Speech: 6,200 Cases Later. Publish Date: 2013

Katie: The Little Girl who Stuttered and then Learned to Talk Fluently
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About Stuttering

There are 3,000,000 people in the U.S. and 66,000,000 worldwide who stutter. These individuals face daily speaking challenges – in the classroom, in the workplace and in social settings.

People who stutter are often shunned and considered mentally deficient. Yet, they are like everyone else, except they have a physical condition that inhibits fluent speech. Even ordering a cheeseburger or answering the phone can seem insurmountable to stutterers.

Traditional speech therapies have done little throughout history to help people who stutter. That’s why Dr. Webster founded HCRI in 1972 to investigate stuttering and find new ways to treat it. His findings and therapy set in motion a chain of unprecedented events that continue to change how stuttering is viewed and treated today.

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